About Us

Welcome to Celtic Dublin City Harriers Athletic Club

Celtic\ DCH is the combination of two clubs. Celtic Athletic Club is the juvenile club from which athletes move into Dublin City Harriers, the senior club, when they become ineligible to compete at juvenile level. Celtic Athletic Club was revived in 1998 by retired senior athletes of DCH, who live in the Navan Road area of Dublin. Dublin City Harriers has had a long history in Irish senior athletics. Being a ‘Harrier’ club it produced fine cross country teams which won many women’s senior cross country team titles. It also produced many national champions in T&F. The Club’s running vest colours are royal blue with a green trim. We are a totally voluntary organisation. Our coaches are involved because of their passion for the sport and their desire to enable the children in the area to discover and use their talents to the best of their ability. The Club is affiliated to the AAI. Our e-mail address is celticdch@gmail.com

Our  coaches comprise of members who have formal coaching qualifications at various grades, former national and international athletes and parents. All members involved in coaching have been Garda vetted

Club Membership:  Club Membership is renewable every year. The fee covers insurance, and entry into major championship competitions. A Club membership\application form can be found  here.


What age do you have to be to join the club?
We would recommend children start at 9 years old and bring a friend along for the first few sessions to make settling in easier. Parents/guardians are more than welcome to jog along with the group. 

When and where is training on?
Each week the schedule is put up on CelticDCH.com

Who can I contact with specific questions?
You can email celticdch@gmail.com