Dublin championships Day 2 Tallaght/ Day 3 Irishtown

Day 2 Tallaght starting at 10.30
400mH Alison Burke
Finals of 600/800 starting at 12.15 Qualifers from Friday night be there at 11.30

60 m sprints Oisin Gavin be there at 12.30
80m sprints Julianne , Antonia, Aontoniette, be there at 12.30

Starting at 2.15 100m races be there at 1.45
Ashley Oka, Chloe Corcoran, Alison Burke, Annie, Rebecca

Field events
11am High jump under 17 Emily Corcoran

Day 3 Irishtown

Starting at 10.30 be there at 9.45 400m Kate Hanna and Caoimhe Lynam
Sprint hurdles Golden be there at 10.30
200m sprint under 14 Antonia, Aontoinette, julianne
200m under 15 Ashley Oka
200m under 17 Chloe Corcoran . Rebecca, Annie
200m under 19 Caoimhe

under 12 high jump Savannah, Fiona, Teslem, Niamh Be there at 10
under 14 high jump Clare 1.30