Morton Games Santry Tonight

Santry stadium is the place to be tonight!. From 6.45 a feast of international Athletics right on our doorstep. Admission for adults is only 10 euro and children are free. Mark English, Phil Healy, Sommer Lecky, Ciara Mageen and John Travers will all be in action. Always a great night.

Pre season training this week

Sat 17th Aug Hole in the wall 10.30 all secondary schools athletes and older.

Sun 18th Aug Hole in the wall 11am everyone born 2006 and older

Tue 20th , Thur 22nd all secondary school athletes and older 10.30 at Hole in the wall.

Training begins!!

Tue 13th Hole in the wall 10.30Thur 15th Hole in the wall 10.30

Only secondary school athletes and those starting in first year in September and any other older athletes who are free.

Rock n roll water stations

A big thank you to everyone who left the bed early this morning to do the water stations in the park. With so many helping it makes the work so much easier to get through.

Water stations for rock.n roll half marathon this Sunday

We have been in touch with some club members and friends about helping out this Sunday. Anyone whose around and hasn’t been contacted and wants to help out please go to water station on main road of the park on the city side of the Phoenix monument. Best to go in by Hole in the wall, cross to main road and go left towards town. Anytime from 8am Thank you.