Training this week

Sat 20th April 2006 and older plus sprints group Santry for 10.30 sharp. Dermots group check.

Sun 21st April sprints group and older middle distance 11am Hole in the wall. No training today for anyone born 2005 and younger. Enjoy your Easter eggs everyone.

Tue 23rd April Hole in the wall 10.30 everyone including sprints group. Dermots group check.

Thur 25th April Hole in the Wall 10.30 Everyone including sprints group. Dermots group check.

No evening training this week.

Great Ireland run thank you

Thank you to all those who braved the cold today to help at the race in the Park. It wasn’t the most pleasant of days and your contribution made the day much easier. Hope you have all managed to get warmed up.

Training this week

Tue 16th April Hole in the wall 10 30 everyone including the sprints group

Thur 18th April Hole in the wall 10.30 everyone including sprints group

No evening training this week

League 1 timetable and programme

Click on link below for details of league 1 tomorrow in Santry. Please note that sprints may run at the same time or shortly after start of the hurdles which if works out will mean that the middle distance races should run earlier. Please bring warm gear as April days in Santry can be pretty cold. 3 euro for your sticker and club singlet please if you have one. If anyone has spares at home please bring out on the day.

Juvenile T&F League 1 Santry 13th April 2019.doc

Training/ competition this week

Sat 13th league 1 in Santry for all athletes born 2004 and younger. Programme and timetable on earlier post. Please note sprints may go ahead on track 2 same time as the hurdles on track 1 if we have enough officials to run both at the same time. Middle distance events hopefully will run ahead of time if this is the case. So be there ahead of time on the programme to allow for earlier start/ warm up. Bring 3 euro for competition sticker. These races are low key and ideal for inexperienced athletes.

Everyone else Hole in the wall 10.30. (sprints and older middle distance groups).

Please note no training on Sunday. Our club fundraiser (Great Ireland run) is on in the Phoenix Park. We need all parents, athletes and friends to help out on the day. We don’t sell tickets or pack shopping! If you haven’t been assigned a time please come over to tented area on main road for 10am on Sunday. Younger athletes are needed as well. We should be done and dusted by 12.30 – 1pm.

West Leinster schools

We had some good performances at the West Leinster schools this week in Santry. Sam Whelan was very impressive making the final of the inter boys 100 and 200. Conor Murphy ran very well in the inter 3000m, Joe Fogarty in the 800, Rowen in the 400 and 800, Ian in the 400, Abbey in the 1500, Caoilflionn in the 300, Oisin in the 800 and 1500. Well done to all and hopefully we haven’t forgotten anyone.