Club update

Sat 23rd Dec Sprinters Santry 10.30Hole in the wall 10.30 older group

Sun 24th Dec Hole in the wall 11am everyone except those on a break

Tue 26th Dec Hole in the wall.11.30 for those who are training. Walk the dogs n talk and feed the ducks for any one who’s free. Don’t forget duck food. Picnic at Hole in the wall afterwards. Bring goodies.

General training on a break till Tue 2nd Jan 10.30 at Hole in the wall.

Thur 28th Dec 10.30 at Hole in the wall for those not on a break.

Sat 30th Dec Santry 10.30 sprints group and older middle distance group.

All athletes born in 2005 and younger are off training after this Sunday till Tue 2nd Jan.