Training week beginning Sat 7th April

Sat 7th Apr Santry 10.30 sharp. Sprints group plus older middle distance (2005 and older)

Sun 8th Apr Hole in the wall 11am everyone

Tue 10th Apr Bogies at 4
Hole in the wall 7pm everyone

Wed 11th Apr high jump 6pm

Thur 12th Apr Hole in the wall 7pm everyone

Sat 13th league 1 Santry. Bring 3 euro for sticker. Bring clothes for 4 seasons!!!!

Sat 13th older athletes national indoor arena 10am warm up for 10.30 on track. Bring 2 euro.

Sun 14th Great Ireland run in Phoenix park. All parents needed at start/finish area for 9am unless you have been contacted regarding a specific job.
This is our main fundraiser for the year and enables us to keep membership fees low and avoid packing shopping and selling tickets. Most jobs done by 1pm.