Training/competition next week

Sat 12th Jan Hole in the wall 10am. Sprint group plus older middle distance born 2003 and older.

Training is earlier to allow us time to go up to the National indoor arena for 12 noon to support our womens team at the National indoor league and the guest races which are also on.

Sun 13th Jan. Hole in the wall 11am Everyone

Tue 15th gym group 7pm. Bogies at 4 for anyone who’s free. Everyone else DIT at 7pm.

Wed 16th Jan DCU schools cross country.

Thur 17th Jan National indoor arena 7.45 for 8 pm. Drink extra water during the day on Thur and bring water on the night. It’s very hot up up there and easy to get dehydrated. Bring 2 euro. Registration forms with fees are now due. Only registered athletes are allowed on the track after next week.