Day 3 /4/5 Dublin Championships Fri 14/Sat 15th/ Sun 16th June

Friday night Starting at 7pm1500m Under 16 Joseph Fogarty be there at 6.45

Relay under 12 Girls Aimee, Martha, Erin, Bianca, Aoibhinn be there at 7 pm Under 12 will be the first race and there will probably be heats .
Boys under 18 4x 400 is scheduled after the under 14 girls and boys heats and will be a final . Tam should be there for 7pm.
Keep an ear out in case there are programme changes. Check the website on Friday afternoon as late changes could happen.

Saturday morning starting at 10.30am in Santry . Be there at 9.45
400m race s under 17/18 /19. Lifts to be organised the night before.
Clare Murphy, Ashley Oka, Sam Whelan, Ian Lawlor,
Emily High jump due to start at 11am

200m Races are scheduled to start at 12.45 Be there at 12.15
Keelin Gogarty, Aointonette and Antonia, Caolflinn, Ashley, Ian, Sam , Chloe

Sunday 16th June starting at 1.15( could be earlier) be there for 12.30 finalists for 600m under 12 and 800m under 14. Erin and Aoibhinn under 12 and Aoife Corcoran under 14.

Niamh o Connor high jump at 2.30 be there for 2 pm

Be there for 1.30 for 100m races
Antonia and Aontoinette
First 4 in all finals qualify for the nationals in July.