Training/ competition for rest of this week

Wed 20th Feb relays in Abbottstown, see earlier post

Thur 21st Feb Hole in the wall 10.30 everyone. Older sprints group plus Dermots group NIA 19.45 for 20.00. No training tonight for the younger athletes.

Sat 23rd Feb Operation transformation 5k in the park. Help at baggage area needed from 8.45. race at 10am so all finished by 11.30. No formal training today as Leinster indoors on in Abbottstown for older athletes.

Athletes entered for leinster indoors. Timetable will be on Athletics leinster website tonight.
Sam Whelan 200m 13.30
Sean Donoghue 1500m 14.30
Joe Fogarty 800m 14.30
Ian lawlor 400m at 16.00
Rowan Dzouza 800m at 14.30
Craig Duffy long jump 10.00
Craig Duffy 200 at 13.30
Ashley oka 400 at 16.00
Gillian Murphy 800at 14.00
Celine Gavin 1500 at 11.00
Sara Byrne 800m at 14.00

Older athletes check with Dermot re Leinsters.

The times above were those given when doing the entry. Please check Athletics leinster tonight or tomorrow to see if any changes.