Dublin Intermediate Results

Maybe there is something in the mountain air that appeals to our women’s team but this is the third time for us to visit the Tallaght area this season and collect first team medals.

Tymon North is located at the foot of Mountpelier Hill which was shrouded in a cold mist all day long. Also hidden therefore was the notorious Hell Fire Club, said to be the scene of much debauchery and meetings of the occult in the last century and even before.We didn’t bother in any of that today but concentrated instead on the job in hand.

A field of 55 runners set off at the appointed time. Our team of Edel M, Silje, Ellen, Aoife C, Aoife D and Edel Mc, all northsiders were prominent from the off. Edel and Silje broke away from their competitors early opening up bigger and bigger gaps the further the race continued. Ellen and Aoife came through the field and picked up places finishing 6th and 9th respectfully. Aoife D continued her improvement with a solid 37th position but Edel Mc had to give up after half way.

Another great day adding the Dublin Intermediate title to the Novice Cross Country and Road Championships. Increasing our reason to celebrate, DCH won the three Dublin Cross Country Championships within the same season for the first time in the clubs history. Hellfire Club be dammed.