Dublin indoors next Saturday

The following athletes are entered for the indoors on Saturday

Under 12 girls 600m heats
Leila Ryan
Amelia Carmody
Lauren o Leary
Saoirse Quinn
Robin Molloy

Under 13 600m heats

Johnny Edger
Lena Dileen
Pearl o brien
Jessica Ryan
Saoirse Bergin
Amy o Kane

Under 14 800m heats
Ella killmartin Fluskey
Abigail Delaney
Megan o Leary
Hugh o Connor

Finals of the above will be held at the end of the day. Anyone making the final should go home and come back in the afternoon to avoid getting dehydrated in the stadium.

Under 11 500m
Max Hardistatt
Rion o Gara
Ellen Fisher
Juliette Delaney
Noah Summers
Aoife Bergin
Rory o Kane
Hector o Brien
Oscar Nolan

Under 10 400m
Canice Ryan
Edward Ryan
Cara Maguire
400 and 500m races will be decided on times. See the time table on earlier post with arrival time, warm up time and race time all there for all age groups.
Mary, Catherine and Hilary will be there on the day. See you all on Saturday!