DCH Senior Training

Wednesday’s nights weekly circuits session continues at the Cabra Parkside Community Centre (D07 Y891) – starting at 7.30pm sharp (2 mile warm up and cool down recommended).

This week’s training reverts back to 2 weekly sessions – Tuesday and Saturday OR Sunday. We train as per normal at TUD on Tuesday (interval reps), followed by ONE of the weekend race (instead of Saturday’s tempo intervals reps at LT pace).

Wk 15 (Oct 31/Nov 6): Easy running 3 days, one longer run, 1 x repetitions session , 1 x Race (instead of tempo run at LT pace at Kilkenny on Saturday or City West on Sunday) + 1 x personal S&C sessions + ONE COMPLETE REST DAY [Sessions: Tuesday, Saturday OR Sunday] 

Please see email for full details!                                     

Travel arrangements to both the Leinster & Dublin XC champs will be confirmed later in the week by Dermot after “A FINAL DECISION” has been made on whether to focus on both or not!