Training this week

Sat 26th Nov HITW 10.15 sprints group plus older middle distance group. Sun27th Nov HITW 11am everyone

Tue 29th Nov Bogies at 4. Grangegorman at 7

Thur 1st Dec Grangegorman at 7 everyone

Update on indoor training. There is a new system in operation at NIA. We are planning on bringing the sprints group and all under 13 athletes (born 2010 and younger)up for 7.15 assembly. Training from 7.30 till 8.15.
Everyone else comes up at 8pm assembly for 8.15 start. Will see how this works out and can change if need be.
To cover the hire the fee will be 4 euro per child cash on the night or use Revolut to Mary with a note identifying the athlete. 3 or more in a family 12 euro. This week will
be our last Tues night in Grangegorman, Thur night will continue as usual.