Training this week

Sat 17th Dec sprints group HITW at 10.15. Middle distance group born 2009 and older are doing the cake race with Dermot’s group. See earlier post. Sun 18th Dec HITW 11am everyone.

Tue 20thDec indoor arena 7.15 pm sprints group and athletes born 2010 and younger. Bring 4 euro or pay by Revolut. Bring a small gift for kriskindle and we will have races on the night.
Older group please assemble at 7.45.

Thur 22nd Dec HITW at 10.30
Everyone. No evening training tonight.

Thur 24th Dec HITW 10.15 anyone who’s around. All age groups.
We will be taking a break from Christmas Eve until Tuesday 3rd January.