Black ice warning

Just a word of warning to anyone going out in the early morning for a run. Watch out for invisible ice patches on the foot paths . Running shoes don’t seem to cope very well with ice. Be careful, the last thing you need is a trip to Accident and emergency in the current situation.

Club training update

Just a note to confirm that all club / group training has been cancelled due to the growing Covid infection rates in the community.
Our advice is to continue going out for runs and basically doing something similar to what we do at training. You can buddy up with ONE person from another family if you like and you must keep distanced. As schools are closed for all next week it should be possible for most athletes to get out in daylight.

Do not go out if you or anyone in your family has symptoms. If you are a close contact you must also isolate. Follow the guidelines from the HSE and this lockdown will hopefully be successful in bringing numbers down sufficiently to allow us back to group training.

Coaches will be in direct contact with the sprints group and the older middle distance group shortly. We are also looking at zoom indoor sessions as well. Details next week.

Keep safe everyone. We got through the last lockdown and we will get through this one as well. Happy and safe new year to you all.

Happy New Year!

It has been a challenging year all around but a massive thank you and well done to each of our members, volunteers and helpers who have helped us to keep the Celtic DCH fire burning throughout 2020 – here’s hoping there will be more competitions in the near future where we can celebrate the hard work and dedication each of our athletes have put in this year! 🎉

Training this week

Sat 19th Dec middle distance group born 2008 and older plus sprints group meet at 12noon in Santry park.

Sun 20th Dec HITW 11 am everyone. This will be the last formal training session for athletes born 2009 and younger until Sunday 3rd January. On St stephens day anyone who’s free will meet for a jog walk over to the Furry glen to feed the ducks. Bring the dog and food for the ducks. Meet at Hole in the wall at 10.30.

Tue 22nd Dec athletes born 2008 and older meet at HITW at 3pm.

Thur 24th Dec Athletes born 2008 and older meet at HITW at 10.30.
Sprints group will decide on Sunday on plans for the week.

Training week beginning Sat 12th Dec

Sat 12th Dec Santry park 9.30 sprints group and middle distance born 2008 and older. Dermots group check..

Sun 13th Dec HITW 11am everyone

Tue 15th Dec Bogies at 4 for anyone who’s free. Everyone else Grangegorman at 7.

Thur 17th Dec Grangegorman at 7 everyone.