Circuit Exercises List

Stagger push upArms
Normal push upArms
Wide push upArms
Narrow pushupArms
Spider man push upArms
Butterfly push upArms
Diamond push upArms
Walk out push upArms
Med ball push upArms
1 arm push upArms
Clap push upArms
Normal sit upCore
Normal crunchCore
Table top crunchCore
Table top leg dropsCore
Bicycle crunch (chinnies)Core
Heel tapsCore
Slow chinniesCore
Russian TwistCore
Russian twist weightedCore
Side PlankCore
Side Plank RaisesCore
Side Plank RainbowCore
Shoulder tapsCore
Hollow holdCore
Flutter KicksCore
Scissor KicksCore
Single Leg DropCore
Double Leg DropCore
Vertical reachCore
Med ball table top crunchCore
Reverse crunchCore
Floating side plankCore
Single leg med ball against wallCore
Plank up/downCore
Back arch Core
Jack knife sit upsCore
Iso single leg holdCore
Single leg side plankCore
Jump squatLegs
Crab jumpLegs
Front lunge ( in place)Legs
Side lungeLegs
Split lungeLegs
Single leg squatLegs
Step upsLegs
Weighted step upsLegs
Glute BridgeLegs
Single leg glute bridgeLegs
Monster walksLegs
Single leg RDLLegs
Med ball for heightLegs
Walking lungeLegs
Weighed walking lunges Legs
Elevated single leg glute bridgeLegs
Mountain climberLegs
High knee holdLegs

Zoom Circuit 14th Feb

Hope you’ve recovered from last week!

Time: 12 Noon
Password : Same as last week

Send us a message on Facebook or drop Mary a text if you need the password.

See you there!

Next Zoom Circuit : 7th Feb

Next Zoom Circuit : 

Date : Sunday 7th Feb

Time: 12 Noon

Password : Same as last week!


Message us on FB if you need the password or drop Mary a text! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Next Zoom Circuit 31st Jan

Next Zoom Circuit : 

Date : Sunday 31st Jan

Time: 12 Noon

Equipment needed : Have another pair of runners/shoes handy! ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ

Password : Same as last week!


Message us on Facebook or drop Mary a text if you need the password ๐Ÿ˜Š

Next Zoom Circuit : 24th Jan

Date : Sunday 24th Jan

Time: 12 Noon

Password : Same as last week!

Please message us on Facebook or drop Mary a text if you do not have the password ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

News update

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well. Great to see so many of you out doing your various runs in the park. Also good too to see Mammies and Daddies out doing their bit running or cycling in support of the younger athletes.

Looks like we are in this lockdown for the long haul so do as much as you can until we get the numbers back down. Be aware when meeting or passing out to keep a good distance away from others. People can get upset if you come too close. Just be alert as you run along.

Try to get our early at the weekend as paths and parks get very busy later on especially if the weather is good. Evenings are getting brighter so it will be easier to get out before dark.

Take care everyone. Hope you have survived our first zoom circuit, number two will be on Sunday at 12. Don’t forget to log on for more Sunday fun!!