Physical & Mental Health

Over the next few weeks we are all going to be living different lives with no organized activities and limited social interaction. 

However for our physical and mental health, exercise is still important and necessary!

Most of our club members live within a short distance of the Phoenix Park where there is lots of room there to exercise while fulfilling the request to be socially distant. 

Parents or guardians if you can, schedule time to head out early in the morning when it is quieter.  The children know what we do over at the Magazine hills so let them off to run around the laps we do each week. 

If they are showing any signs of fever, coughing, sore throats etc, (most likely not the Coronavirus), be sensible, keep them at home and seek medical advice.

The next few weeks will be challenging, but we will get through it! 😃

A great time to practice those bedroom and garden circuits! 😜