At Home Circuit Exercises

As list of circuit exercises and demonstrations of how to do them below!

If you are indoors or in your garden, work up to a solid (no stopping!) 3 sets of the below with a minute between sets :

  • 20 reps (or 30 seconds) of a leg exercise
  • 15 reps (or 30 seconds) of an arm exercise
  • 20 reps (or 30 seconds) of a core exercise

Start with 30 seconds each if you are a beginner to circuits and when you can continuously do the exercise for 30 seconds without stopping, move on to working towards reps.

As you improve and find yourself not having to take breaks in an exercise, increase the reps +5 and work up to increasing the sets to 6.

Remember to vary your exercises each time you do the circuit i.e don’t do the same ones over and over again because then it becomes too easy 😉

We are expecting everyone to be flawless at all exercises by the time formal training resumes! 😜

Stagger push upArms
Normal push upArms
Wide push upArms
Narrow pushupArms
Spider man push upArms
Butterfly push upArms
Diamond push upArms
Walk out push upArms
Med ball push upArms
1 arm push upArms
Clap push upArms
Normal sit upCore
Normal crunchCore
Table top crunchCore
Table top leg dropsCore
Bicycle crunch (chinnies)Core
Heel tapsCore
Slow chinniesCore
Russian TwistCore
Russian twist weightedCore
Side PlankCore
Side Plank RaisesCore
Side Plank RainbowCore
Shoulder tapsCore
Hollow holdCore
Flutter KicksCore
Scissor KicksCore
Single Leg DropCore
Double Leg DropCore
Vertical reachCore
Med ball table top crunchCore
Reverse crunchCore
Floating side plankCore
Single leg med ball against wallCore
Plank up/downCore
Back arch Core
Jack knife sit upsCore
Iso single leg holdCore
Single leg side plankCore
Jump squatLegs
Crab jumpLegs
Front lunge ( in place)Legs
Side lungeLegs
Split lungeLegs
Single leg squatLegs
Step upsLegs
Weighted step upsLegs
Glute BridgeLegs
Single leg glute bridgeLegs
Monster walksLegs
Single leg RDLLegs
Med ball for heightLegs
Walking lungeLegs
Weighed walking lunges Legs
Elevated single leg glute bridgeLegs
Mountain climberLegs
High knee holdLegs