Club news update

Hi everyone, just a little note to say that it’s great to see so many of you out doing your runs during the week. If anyone needs a contact for a buddy send Mary a message on 0864071141.

As per earlier post do not go out with anyone from another family if you or anyone in your house has symptoms or is a close contact with anyone who has symptoms. Ask your parents for advice if you are in doubt.

Try to keep to our training routines as far as possible. Watch out for ice on footpaths. Grass in the park is fine once you get there safely.

The best news is that Catherine has kindly volunteered to resume the Sunday lockdown torture treats for us all from this Sunday at 12. As you won’t be able to go into your gardens this time get planning for your circuit space now. (You will need about one meter of space in every direction). Have a folded blanket or an exercise mat for your situps, a drink, light clothes as you will get very warm indoors. Catherine will let you know before we start if we need anything else.

Can’t wait to see you all on Sunday. Spread the word as some of the new athletes hadn’t yet registered and we don’t have contact details for them.
Registration forms are on the website.