Getting moving outside!

Hi all!

As the weather is getting nicer and the days are getting brighter we will be moving on from Zooms into actual running! (We need to put all that new strength to work!)

We would encourage our members to get out in the fresh air, preferably early so you can avoid crowds/people on paths etc.

Below are a number of example sessions you can choose from but before you do anything, a reminder of how to do your running warm up here and your drills here so you don’t pull any muscles!

Marys Hospital Steps

Steps : 3 runs to the top of the steps with a walk back down, 2-3 sets with 4 min break between sets- See can you get all the way up without stopping!

(Be careful of people that might coming down the steps – wait for them to clear the steps before you run – also be careful you don’t trip on the steps themselves, this session requires you to pay attention to your technique/footing the whole way!)

Cabbage Patch (Beside the Popes Cross)

The usual cabbage patch loop – run the long side, jog/walk the short side then run the other long side.

Aim for 5-6 laps.

Magazine Hills

Big hill

Sprint up 4 times, 100% effort, Walk back down & 3-4 mins recovery before going again.

Even better if you have a sibling/parent with you to go head to head with – best out of 4: who wins?

600m Loop

3 runs, 4 min break between each run

70% effort – can be jogged also if you are a beginner!

Footpath hills

Run from bottom to bollards 3 times with jog back, then repeat this for 2 more sets.

Polo Grounds

6 x 200m

  • Walk back – 3 mins between runs
  • Try keep all runs the same pace (70-80% effort)
  • 200m is roughly from fence to fence

If you do not live near the park but do live near a green/football pitch etc, consider using Google maps to measure out distances – heres how (if you go to satellite mode it makes it easier to recognise fences/bins/trees to use as markers)

Remember :

  • Shorter distance sessions(30m-80m) should be done fast (90-100% effort) and you usually would do only a few reps of these and split them into sets (eg 3 runs x 3 fast)
  • Medium distance sessions : (200-600m) tempo running should be done faster than a jog but most certainly not flat out (70-80% effort) and since these are slower you would usually do around 6 reps but play around with the sets (eg 2×3 or 3×2, 3 mins between reps, 6 mins between sets)
  • Long runs : (1km+) Your own pace! What ever speed you need to do to get around your desired distance – start off easier, see how fast you do it in and then try beat it the next week.


Build your own! Info here

You can go by number of reps (20 reps each), or by time! (30sec per exercise, 5 exercises per round, 5 rounds)

Long music options to keep you motivated here or on Soundcloud here if you have it.

Handy timer apps here and here!

And remember :

  • Be sensible : if an area looks crowded or busy, find a new area to run on.
  • Pick a time when you know places will not be as crowded – earlier in the morning or late afternoon.
  • If you see others out on their sessions : don’t be tempted to gather & form into a group – keep your distance.
  • If you are wearing club gear while you train remember that your behaviour reflects on our club – please ensure to set a good example and always follow social distancing guidance and good sport etiquette.

Happy running! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️