Training/competition this week

Sat 16th Oct training at 10am meet at the Hole in the wall . Sprints group and anyone not racing on Sunday.

Sun 17th Oct sprints group meet at 11 at HITW. No training for main group today . Good luck to all competing in Abbottstown today. Adults don’t forget to fill in covid form on link on earlier post. Also fill in link for free admission tickets. Bring warm gear for after the races.

Tue 19th Oct Bogies at 4 for anyone who’s free. Everyone else Grangegorman at 7.

Thur 21st Oct HITW at 5 for older group. Everyone else Grangegorman at 7.

Follow the Covid guidelines if anyone is displaying symptoms. It’s not the end of the world to miss a training session, a race or a match. Be sensible.
Keep safe.