Training/competition plan

Sat 6th Nov HITW 10am older middle distance group and sprints group.

Sun 7th Nov HITW at 11am everyone. Good luck to the community games squad in Tymon Park. See earlier post. Note 10am start, be there at 9.15 everyone. Only 6 short races so will be very quick programme.

Tue 9th Nov Bogies at 4 for anyone who’s free. Everyone else Grangegorman at 7

Thur 11th Nov HITW 4.30 older middle distance group. Everyone else Grangegorman at 7.

Remaining cross country dates.

Sun 21st Nov under 12 and 14s run in Santry. Jessica, Saoirse, Pearl, Amelia, Robin, Aoibhinn Byrne, Aoibhinn McAuley, Aimee, Goda, Nina, Erin. Details later.

On Sunday 28th Nov we will have league 3 which will be the last cross country race for younger athletes before Christmas. Venue not confirmed but might be Tymon park.

Weather getting a bit colder so long sleeve t Shirt under a short sleeve should be worn to training. Bright colours / flourcent preferably. Dig out the hats!!