DCH Annual Cake Race 2022

The club highlight of the season, the Cake Race, will take place on Saturday 17th December 2023 at 10.00.

Due to the large numbers of participants expected we will have a junior race at 10.00 over 3km followed by the senior race at 10.15 over 5km. Both races will be on an open handicap basis which will be revealed on the morning of 17th December. Maps of both courses will be published on Wednesday December 14th.

All runners are asked to participate in a Kris Kindle with a value not greater than EURO 5, but no confectionery allowed be imaginative.

We are seeking bakers to provide cakes for the main prizes for both junior and senior races as follows:

1st Junior Girl, Fastest Junior Girl

1st Junior Boy, Fastest Junior Boy

1st Senior Woman, Fastest Senior Woman

1st Senior Man, Fastest Senior Man

There will also be some mystery prizes.